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About Us

iPanel was founded over a decade ago, to provide the Israeli and global markets with a wide range of online data collection services.

Our company manages the largest online panel in Israel, with about 100,000 members. Thanks to its size, the panel affords access to dozens of different population segments, such as adults and/or youth, various residential areas, socioeconomic clusters, levels of education, consumer characteristics and different sectors that are unique to the fabric of Israeli society, such as the ultra-Orthodox Jewish and the Arab sectors.

In order to comply with the exacting demands of our clients, we strictly adhere to the following practices:

  1. The use of a single source panel – there are no duplicate respondents.
  2. Meticulous respondent quality control, using advanced technologies and human quality control after every survey.
  3. Membership in ESOMAR – we operate in accordance with the guidelines of the organization’s international quality standards, including the maximum number of surveys per month that each panel member can complete; identifying unauthentic responses, etc.

With the extensive experience we have accumulated from the thousands of surveys we have conducted each year, we are happy to help any researcher to conduct surveys efficiently and professionally.

iPanel DIY

Want to build a survey alone, run it alone and analyze it alone?

An independent survey system that allows users to build quick and simple surveys that communicate directly with our panel


iPanel survey programming

Our programming team is ready and able to build your questionnaire quickly and professionally. Using advanced software and dozens of different question templates.

Sample the panel

Already have an online survey system? A simple and effective interface will connect it to our panel management system.


Short, quick surveys composed from a collection of different questions (for different clients) directed at a representative sample of the entire population of Israel (500 respondents)

Arab sector

Our panel includes thousands of respondents from this sector, which accounts for a fifth of Israel’s population. Option for questionnaires in different languages. Option to focus on this sector and obtain a fair representation in interest areas such as higher education, trade, medicine or politics

Monitor studies

By preserving the quality and size of a panel, we can manage long-term projects with sampling weekly or monthly or at any other frequency, for years.

Custom panel building

Does your research require regular respondents? Our panel management tools will help you to locate, recruit and retain regional respondents for several surveys on a specific topic

Daily tracker

A tool for an ongoing understanding of perceptions, trials and daily consumption habits. In effect, this research tool enables you to follow the daily lives of participants in international surveys.

International survey

Our international network of partners can provide access to unique segments around the world, enabling you to see and measure differences in responses among similar segments in different countries.

Panel quality and control

In a world in which knowledge is translated into insights, iPanel members’ profile data are one of our most important resources.


New iPanel members fill out two profile questionnaires upon registration, one demographic and the other on consumer habits. These profile questionnaires are designed to collect detailed sociodemographic information in a wide range of categories, such as: consumption habits, politics, finances, health, housing, etc.


This is significant and quality information that enables us, from the outset, to contact respondents with the relevant characteristics for those conducting the research.


The quality and response control of our panel members is also of the utmost importance at iPanel. We strictly adhere to the international guidelines and standards of ESOMAR concerning credibility and control.

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