General interfacing guide

Overview of the system interfacing

Please follow this manual in order to interface with iPanel’s sampling & data collection systems.

The flow chart below demonstrates the user’s path throughout the interfacing process:

As shown in the diagram, it is necessary to return the respondent to iPanel’s system in order for the respondent to receive the proper incentive.

This manual will explain which parameters are sent from iPanel’s system, which parameters must be returned – and how.

This manual is a technical in its nature and thus requires familiarity with the client’s survey system,

as well as a basic understanding of Query string, to successfully interface.

Receiving the respondent from iPanel and saving their details

the respondent is sent to the client via a simple redirect to the survey address,

the respondent is sent with a number of parameters that must be saved by the client and/or returned at the end of the survey.

For example:

The client’s survey address:

iPanel will send over the respondent with 3 additional parameters that must be saved, the link will look as follows:

  • i.project = survey ID in iPanel’s system
  • i.user1 = survey access code
  • id = the unique user ID

These three parameters must be saved by the client and returned to iPanel’s system along with the respondent.

Returning the respondent to iPanel’s systems along with his details and survey status

once the respondent completes the survey within the clients system,

they must be returned to the iPanel system together with the details that were received earlier.

In addition to these parameters please include the status with which the respondent exited the survey.

The respondent should be returned to the following address:

For example:

In the event the respondent successfully completed the entire survey:

In the event the respondent was screened-out/terminated due to screening questions:

In the event the respondent was screened-out/terminated due to full or closed quotas:

Care should be taken to ensure use of the exact parameters you have received earlier as well as the status, in which the user completed the survey

  • completed = the user successfully completed the survey
  • screened = the user was terminated/screened out due to a screening question
  • screendfullquata = the user was terminated/screened out due to full quotas

Diagrams depicting the transfer of the respondent