Mobile Surveys

  • iPanel utilizes responsive survey software specially designed to accommodate smartphones and tablets.
  • The system accounts for touch screen technology and screen size before automatically adapting the survey design to each individual device.
  • The system is capable of sampling existing panel respondents via email or random respondents via QR code or SMS.

As more and more people utilize mobile web, the demand for mobile solutions is increasing. In line with the smartphone revolution many other mobile devices now provide the ability to maintain a constant connection with the online world; anytime, anywhere. As the internet is now available across so many different devices (mobile, tablet, gaming devices, connected televisions…) the number of formats and screen resolutions required to present a survey has increased as well.

Ensuring a comfortable and intuitive user experience that is suitable for each combination of format and resolution is of utmost importance. Utilizing a responsive survey design allows a single survey design to automatically adapt itself to suit a wide range of devices. The main advantage of responsive survey design relative to designing device specific surveys is its ability to adapt to new devices in the future as well, and of course reaching a larger and more varied response group at a faster pace.

Before distributing a survey we encourage you to consider in advance whether your research needs require an adaptive survey or not. Not all surveys or questionnaires are suitable for both mobile and desktop. We suggest deciding ahead of time, in accordance with the survey, population and other factors, whether to distribute the survey via desktop, mobile or both.