Focus Group Recruitment

iPanel has a solid track record in rapid, efficient focus group recruitment services. Based on the defined target population specified for your focus group, we carefully screen respondents to ensure suitability. Once receiving permission from the respondents their details will be sent to the client to proceed with participant recruitment.


B2B Studies

Find out if your business is meeting your customers’ needs by surveying your customers with iPanel. Identify your strengths and potential shortcomings to improve your services and offerings to clients with a B2B survey.


Dedicated Panel Development

iPanel is skilled at developing dedicated panels according to our clients’ individual research requirements. iPanel’s panel development services includes locating and recruiting a panel with homogeneous characteristics of consumers for instance. Dedicated panels are typically utilized in long-term research projects requiring panel members to be surveyed several times over a defined period of time (longitudinal research). The recruited panel and its members are used solely for the research requirements of that particular client.


Product Testing

iPanel also recruits panels for product testing. After an initial screening process, interested panel members receive the product for use for a limited period of time and then complete an online survey. At the end of the period, participating panel members will complete a product/concept test survey to capture and convey their experiences with the new product or service.


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