iPanel is the largest online panel in Israel with over 100,000 panel members
iPanel has panel members ages 12 and up
iPanel strictly adheres to ESOMAR’s principles
iPanel offers a wide range of digital data collection solutions within the Israeli market for organizations of all sizes, including:

  • Israeli market samples
  • Survey hosting 
  • Multiple weekly Omnibus studies
  • Custom panel building services
  • Multilingual studies 
  • Monitor studies
  • And more…

About iPanel

iPanel is the leading company providing online data collection services in Israel.

iPanel has been a member of ESOMAR since its incorporation in 2008. Now, less than a decade later, iPanel boasts the largest online panel in the country counting over 100,000 panel members aged 12 and up.

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Quality Standards

A quality panel is the basis of all solid research. However, at iPanel, solid is not enough. Here we strive for more.

Our panel has been built solely for the purpose of research. As such we can ensure responses from our panel members are consistently serious and reliable. This is the basis of any effective research.

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Why iPanel?

Our Reach. iPanel manages the largest, most comprehensive online panel in
Israel with over 100,000 members, recruited via a variety of methods.

Our Experience. iPanel was one of the first companies to provide online sampling services in Israel and has completed thousands of projects to date.

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Israel At A Glance

Israel is a relatively small country with a population of approximately 8.5 million. However for such a small country, the challenges facing international researchers are many, due to Israel’s diverse population.

Without an experienced and creative local partner it can be very difficult for researchers to collect the relevant data accurately.

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