Full-service Internet Survey Hosting

iPanel utilizes IBM Data Collection survey software, offering an open development platform allowing to take advantage of the internet platform as efficiently as possible. After submitting the survey (in a word document), we program the survey and upload it to our server. Clients then receive a test link to the survey for final comments and confirmation. Survey results are submitted to clients in SPSS or Excel file format.



iPanel’s panel management system is capable of interfacing with the majority of local and international online survey systems. If you utilize an in-house online survey system, interfacing with our panel management system allows you to program the survey independently (if you choose). We then handle the survey distribution among our panel members. All that remains for you is to receive the responses.


Long-term Monitor Survey Management

With over 100,000 members iPanel is uniquely situated to administer long-term survey monitoring for up to several years, reaching tens of thousands of respondents over time. The sampling frequency can be set according to your requirements whether it be weekly, monthly or a custom frequency.


Multi-lingual Surveys

iPanel develops surveys in a multi-lingual format, allowing panel members the ability to select a language at the beginning of the questionnaire. Language combinations include all the major languages spoken in Israel – Hebrew, Russian, Arabic, English, French – as well as additional languages upon request.

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