Survey Platform


iPanel utilizes the IBM Data Collection platform, a platform developed to meet the many needs of researchers. The platform allows for the timely and efficient collection of raw data from a wide range of sources, utilizing various research methodologies. Today’s business world demands faster, more representative and more efficient research to gain insights into customers’ attitudes and perceptions. 

Both commercial businesses and dedicated market research firms rely on today’s advanced technology. IBM’s Data Collection products provide the tools necessary to provide solutions to the shifting demands of the market. Researchers across the globe turn to IBM Data Collection products to attain deeper understanding of individual’s perceptions, preferences and opinions and include these important insights in the decision making process.
The platform includes:


  • Technology developed with the vast experience of IBM, the globally recognized leader in data collection
  • Development and adaptation of question formats according to customer requests
  • Branded survey design options maintain the client’s look and feel throughout the survey
  • A combination of advanced technologies utilizing Flash and photo/video display