Quality Standards

A quality panel is the basis of all solid research. However, at iPanel, solid is not enough. Here we strive for more.

Our panel has been built solely for the purpose of research. As such we can ensure responses from our panel members are consistently serious and reliable. This is the basis of any effective research.

We use advanced, proven methods to ensure the quality of responses and filter out unwanted respondents.These factors ensure iPanel’s ability to provide clients with high quality samples and responses of the utmost reliability.

Data Quality

  • All of our data goes through a thorough, multistage validation process before it is sent to the client, including built in data validation techniques (trap questions, minimum response time and others) as well as both automated and manual post survey methods (the removal of speeders, straight-liners, and irrelevant responses)
  • As the largest online panel in Israel we sample only from within our own panel (or customer lists & random intercept) guaranteeing our quality standards are met

Respondent Quality

  • Our continuous recruitment and monitoring panelist completes (per week, month…) ensure our respondent pool avoids fatigue, remains fresh and discourages “Professional Panelists”.
  • Diverse recruitment sources & methods provide access to the hard to reach segments while ensuring diversity among panel members.
  • iPanel recently implemented our Smart Profiling System which continuously updates member profiles ensuring the most up-to-date demographics, psychographics and consumption habits

Members of iPanel staff have been a part of ESOMAR since 2008 and complies with the ICC /ESOMAR Code on Market and Social Research and its “28 Questions” guideline.

Click here to download iPanel’s quality assurance regulations.
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